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Helping children with medical complexity get the care they need and deserve.

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At Imagine Pediatrics, we provide 24/7 virtual-first care in the home for children with complex medical conditions and special health care needs.

Our multidisciplinary, pediatrician-led care team does not replace your child’s current doctors. Our nurses, doctors, therapists, and mobile clinicians work with them to bring an extra layer of support to you and your child. Day or night. Right from home.

If your child qualifies for our program, there is no cost to you. That’s because our services are part of their existing benefits. And that means your child gets access to more of the medical, behavioral, and social support they need and deserve.

We help kids with medical complexity spend less time in the hospital. And more time at home and in their communities.

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No cost to you

Custom pediatric care fully covered by your child’s current health plan.
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Easy access

Talk to a provider from any smart device by message, phone call, or virtual visit.
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24/7 response

Our pediatric team responds at any time of day or night, for medical care in your home when your child needs it.
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Helping kids be kids

We strive to help keep kids with medical complexity out of the hospital and thriving in their communities.
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More than medicine

We join your current care team and help you navigate the healthcare system. We make sure your child is getting the care they deserve.
Is Imagine Pediatrics right for my child?
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How it works


Call us at (833) 208-7770 to see if your child is eligible.


If your child is eligible, we’ll help you download our app. You can start working with our medical team right away. If you don’t have a smart device, we can provide one for you!


We’ll schedule a visit to get to know your family and your child’s needs.


You can send us a message or call whenever you need help, and talk to a pediatric nurse or doctor right away.

Unlimited 24/7 access to your care team via messaging, phone call, or video visit.

Meet our Leadership team

Get to know the Imagine Pediatrics team and consider growing your career with us.

Patient stories

Learn more about how our clinical team is helping our patients and their families.


Avoiding costly and unnecessary visits to higher level care

The mother of an 8-year-old child called us with urgent concerns. Her daughter has a history of ADHD, autism, developmental delay, and recurrent urinary tract infections, at times requiring hospital admission for IV antibiotics. She had been vomiting and with fever for two days. Her mother also reported dark urine and pain while urinating.

How we helped

Our intervention

Our mobile team was dispatched to the patient's home and connected with an Imagine Pediatrics pediatrician via video to complete a medical visit. An in-home exam and urinalysis test was positive for a UTI. Our doctor was able to prescribe oral antibiotics, fluids, and medication for vomiting and fever, and the mobile team was able to administer these treatments. Our team left an additional supply of antibiotics with her mother and ordered the remaining medications vie home delivery pharmacy.

Our impact

Because medications were provided immediately, the child could begin healing right away and avoided a trip to the ER.

Getting back to baseline

A 7-year-old child with moderate persistent asthma and recurrent exacerbations requiring ER visits needed help getting a doctor appointment. Her mom visited five urgent care clinics while her daughter was coughing and wheezing, but none accepted Medicaid. Her doctor did not have an appointment available.

How we helped

Our intervention

Our outreach associate asked if any of our pediatricians could see a patient for a combined onboarding and sick visit. An Imagine Pediatrics physician immediately got on the phone with the patient’s mom and held a virtual video visit, treating the child for an upper respiratory infection.

Our impact

The patient avoided an ER visit. A follow-up visit showed the child recovered from illness and is back to baseline with ongoing care from our team.

Wraparound care with immediate impact

A recently hospitalized 4-year-old child who is trach/vent-dependent and bed-bound with global developmental delay was in between PCPs following a transition out of a preemie clinic. The child was having seizures, and the family was struggling to navigate care while also facing an upcoming eviction from their home.

How we helped

Our intervention

We provided care encompassing social, medical, and emotional support. We educated the patient’s mom about her child’s medical equipment. And, to help provide him with care at home, we used our app for a video visit with his mom and Private Duty Nurse to help manage the increase in his breakthrough seizures. We also identified local resources to prevent eviction, including options for new, supportive housing and safe transportation to a new home.

Our impact

Our patient and their PDN were able to manage breakthrough seizures at home until the first appointment at a new high-risk clinic, preventing unnecessary hospital visits. The family also got access to critical housing resources.

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