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Patient stories

Learn more about how our clinical team is helping our patients and their families.

Coordinating specialty care

Our care team empowered a family to get started with the right cardiac specialist for their child with congenital heart disease.

How we helped

Our intervention

We enrolled a 5-year-old child with congenital heart disease in our program. One of our pediatric nurses learned about their detailed medical history and realized the family had been struggling with gaps in care.

Our impact

Our team was able to coordinate care with a cardiologist and provide ongoing visits with a pediatrician. We are able to chat with the child’s family whenever they have a concern, with a goal of avoiding future hospital visits.

Avoiding unnecessary hospital time

We supported the family of a 3-year old with a complex seizure disorder struggling with frequent ER visits to help them avoid unnecessary time in the hospital.

How we helped

Our intervention

A 3-year old child with a complex seizure disorder kept ending up in the ER with new symptoms. The family faced several barriers while trying to access the specialty neurology care their child needed.

Our impact

We enrolled the patient in our program, found the right in-network neurologist, got the referral the child needed, and we are now working with the family to provide top quality ongoing care. They are relieved to know that we’re advocating for them and are more confident that they’re getting the best possible care for their child.

Reducing gaps in care

A 5-year-old with congenital heart disease fell out of care with their PCP and cardiologist but needed to re-engage with the cardiologist due to new symptoms.

How we helped

Our intervention

Our team worked with the patient’s health plan to initiate a new referral to their cardiologist and re-engage the patient with their pediatrician.

Our impact

Despite a gap in care, the patient was able to restart their relationship with their preferred doctors with the support of our care coordination services.

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