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About us

We are a pediatrician-led team committed to creating a world where every child with medical complexity and special health care needs gets the care and support they deserve. With deep understanding of the unique challenges these kids face, our team works around the clock to give them, their families, and other caregivers the help and relief they need, right from home.

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Our values

Children first.

We put the best interests of children above all. We are uncompromising in our commitment to improving the lives of children and families by bringing the best care to them.

Earn trust.

We cherish the trusting relationships we build with the children and families we serve, our partners, and each other. We seek first to understand and speak honestly.

Innovate today.

We refuse to accept the way things have always been done. Children and families are waiting for our help, and their bravery demands that we relentlessly challenge assumptions to develop new approaches.

Embrace humanity.

We lead with empathy and authenticity, presuming competence and good intentions. When we stumble, we use the opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

One team, diverse perspectives.

We work alongside families as one team towards a shared purpose. We champion diversity and acknowledge the contributions of others.
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The Imagine Pediatrics Story

Get to know our Leadership team and how they’re reimagining pediatric health care.

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hea!thcare innovation: Q&A: Imagine Pediatrics CEO George Boghos

December 19, 2023
Startup company’s value-based payment model brings 24/7 medical, behavioral, and social care into the homes of Medicaid-eligible children with medical complexity

NAPNAP ( Houston Area Chapter) – 2024 Pediatric Potpourri

February 24, 2024, The Fountain Life Center, Houston, TX
Imagine Pediatrics Presenter: Exie Meredith DNP, APRN, CPNP-AC, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Virtual-first Comprehensive Care for Children with Medical Complexity Under Population-based Payment Model
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Patient stories

Learn more about how our clinical team is helping our patients and their families.

Coordinating the follow-up

A 4-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and epilepsy was experiencing an increase in frequent breakthrough seizures above his typical baseline.

How we helped

Our intervention

Our nurse practitioner spoke with the child’s mom about his seizure rescue medication, walking her through how to use it as prescribed. We coordinated with the child’s neurologist to get an appointment for the following day to evaluate his current maintenance medication dosing.

Our impact

The patient avoided an ER visit and received a follow-up appointment with the child’s neurologist the day after his change in symptoms to manage his chronic seizure disorder.

Preventing ER visits

A 10-year-old child with holoprosencephaly who frequents the ER and urgent care clinic for steroid and/or antibiotic treatment needed a sick visit. Due to transportation difficulty, an ambulance is often needed. The patient’s mom called our team for help, hoping to avoid another ambulance ride and more time in the ER.

How we helped

Our intervention

We completed a virtual sick visit for the child right away and provided recommendations for at-home care with albuterol, vest, and inhaled steroid. We then completed a same day follow-up visit to confirm that the child was doing well and the treatment was effective.

Our impact

The patient was able to avoid an ambulance trip and an ER visit, contacting an Imagine Pediatrics provider before escalation was needed.

Keeping appointments

A 14-year-old child who was born at 29 weeks with global developmental delay, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy is now homebound. Their mom is an overwhelmed sole caregiver who was unable to take the child to an upcoming transfusion appointment.

How we helped

Our intervention

Our team arranged for transportation to the transfusion appointment. We also provided an emergency home medical kit with necessary supplies for the child, such as larger-sized diapers.

Our impact

Our patient kept an appointment critical to keeping their condition stable, and their mom was relieved to receive necessary home supplies without added care burden.

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