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Five Ways Imagine Pediatrics Can Support You After Your Child Leaves the Hospital

Taking your child to the emergency room or hospital can be one of the hardest moments in parenting. The stress of these visits doesn’t always stop after you’ve left the hospital. You may have questions about your child’s care. You may be worried about managing their ongoing needs. Imagine Pediatrics is here for you and your child during this critical time. 

Here are five ways that Imagine Pediatrics can help after your child leaves the hospital:

  1. Understanding Discharge Instructions. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what to do after a hospital visit. The Imagine Pediatrics team is available 24/7 to help. Together we can go over instructions, answer questions, and address concerns. We can do this on a phone call or a video call. We can also message through our mobile app. Whatever is best for you.  
  2. Providing Follow-up Care. After a trip to the hospital, it is very important to have a follow-up visit with your child’s pediatrician. We can help set up that visit for you. If you need help before that appointment, we can have a virtual visit with you and your child. We’ll give updates to your pediatrician every step of the way.
  3. Helping with Medication. Medications after a hospital or ER visit can be tricky.  Sometimes they get lost. Sometimes they get sent to a different pharmacy than you expect. Our care team can help with these issues. We’ll work directly with your child’s prescribing doctor and pharmacy. Once you get the medication, you may have questions about dosage or side effects. Our care team is here to answer those questions day or night. You can call us by phone or message us through our app.
  4. Coordinating with Specialists and Home Health Care. After a hospital visit, your child might need ongoing care from specialists. Or, their in-home care plan may have changed. If so, we will coordinate with your child’s specialists and/or in-home providers to make sure they’re getting the care they need and deserve.
  5. Bringing You Some Peace of Mind. In the hospital or ER, your child is being monitored regularly. They are surrounded by doctors and nurses who can jump in to help if needed. After your child is discharged, it may feel like you are now on your own with little to no support. We’re here to help you any time of the day or night. No question is too silly. No worry is too small. Our team is here for you, 24/7.

We can help.

Imagine Pediatrics is dedicated to improving the health and lives of children with medical complexity and special health care needs. We provide virtual health care 24/7. We do not replace your child’s current doctors. We team up with them to give your child the care and support they need, whenever they need it. This includes the time right after a hospital visit. Because our services are part of your child’s existing health plan benefits, there is no cost to you! Call us today at (833) 208-7770 to get started. 

Does it feel like this might be too good to be true? Hear from real caregivers like you about how we’ve helped them and their child: Patient Stories - TX & FL Pediatric In-Home Care | Imagine Pediatrics.

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