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From Suction to Saline to Settings: How Imagine Pediatrics Can Help You Care for Your Child with a Tracheostomy and Ventilator

Caring for a child with a tracheostomy, with or without a ventilator, can be scary. You may often ask yourself questions like: “Is that cough is just a cough?” “Is that cough a reason to go to the hospital?” “Do I have enough suction catheters to last the week?” Our clinical teams at Imagine Pediatrics are here for you and your child 24/7 to help answer these questions.

Sometimes talking to your primary care pediatrician or specialist is not possible. When that happens, here are ways that Imagine Pediatrics can help.

We provide acute care 24/7. We are available day and night. We can answer your questions about cold symptoms, increased secretions, and trouble breathing. When you have a concern, we can get on a video visit with you and your child right away. We’ll see how sick they are. We’ll make recommendations to start their sick plan or confirm the need to take them to the hospital. 

We coordinate with specialists and home care. We communicate with your child’s pediatric pulmonologist. With them, we discuss updates on your child’s health. If there are changes to your child’s care plan, we relay the changes to you. We also share the changes with your private duty nursing agency, so they can start the new care plan right away. If you are having trouble getting the supplies you need, we coordinate with your DME, so there are no gaps in care.

We help with labs, medications, and transportation. When your child is sick, they may need a lab test. Examples of lab tests include a culture of tracheostomy secretions or a nose swab. Our trained pediatric providers can order these tests. In some regions, our Mobile Integrated Care teams can do the test in your home. If you have trouble getting meds from the pharmacy, our team can help. We can arrange for home delivery when needed. Imagine Pediatrics’ goal is to help your child have more safe days at home. When you do have to go to a doctor’s appointment in person, we can make sure you get approved for non-emergent transportation.

We provide education for you and your private duty nurse. When your child is in the hospital, the doctors and nurses there help you get ready to take your child home. Once you’re home, it can be hard to remember what to do with all of their  medications and equipment. Our clinical teams can help answer any questions. We can also support your private duty nurse as she uses your child’s care plans, meds, and equipment at home. 

We aim to bring you some peace of mind. When your child is in the hospital or ER (Emergency Room), they are being closely watched by doctors and nurses who can jump in to help when needed. When you get to take your child home, it may feel like you are now on your own with little to no support. We are here to help you any time of the day or night. No question is too silly. No worry is too small. Our team is here for you 24/7, right from home.

We can help.

Imagine Pediatrics improves the health and lives of children with medical complexity and special health care needs. We provide virtual health care 24/7. We do not replace your child’s current care team or medical home. We work with them to give your child the care and support they need, whenever they need it. Our services are part of your child’s current health plan benefits, so there is no cost to you! Call us today at (833) 208-7770 to get started.

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