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Hurricane Help: 5 Ways to Keep your Family Calm Before the Storm.

Hurricane season is here through the end of November. These storms are forecast days in advance. But it is still stressful when a hurricane is on the way. The good news: Being prepared can ease the stress.  

Here are 5 ways you can help your family plan ahead of the storm.  

  1. Know the difference between a hurricane “watch” and “warning”

Weather reports on TV, radio, or online will let you know 24 to 36 hours before a hurricane may be coming. There are two kinds of alerts: 

  • “Watch” – A “watch”  means that hurricane-force winds (which are sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or higher) are possible in your area
  • “Warning” – A “warning” is more serious. It means that hurricane-force winds are expected in your area

Want to keep an eye out so you know what to expect? Head to the National Weather Service Hurricane Center

  1. Create an emergency kit

A hurricane can cut off your power and water. Roads may be flooded. So you may not be able to drive. You and your family will need supplies to stay safe and healthy. Be sure to gather:

  • One week’s supply of water and food that does not need to be cooked. (If possible, buy an extra can or two of food on each shopping trip and put it aside)
  • All medications (ask your child’s doctor for a two-week supply) 
  • A plan to power your child’s medical equipment. (Many state Medicaid programs cover generators in an emergency for life-sustaining medical equipment. Contact your health plan for more detail. Here are tips for using a generator safely)
  • Flashlights, batteries, blankets, baby and pet food if needed
  • First-aid supplies
  • Toilet paper and other toiletries
  • Radio to listen for weather updates
  • Portable cell phone charger

Put all medical records in a safe and waterproof place!

  1. Make your home safe

When a hurricane is on the way, make sure your surroundings are safe.

  • Lock all doors and board up your windows. You can nail a piece of plywood to the outside of a window to prevent the glass from shattering
  • Move any bikes, toys, lawn furniture, or grills inside. Flying objects can be dangerous during a hurricane
  • Fill clean containers with drinking water in case you lose your water supply. Fill your bathtub with water for washing

  1. Get your phone ready

Your cell phone is an important tool. Be sure to: 

  • Keep your phone fully charged
  • Download a weather app to stay updated on the storm 
  • If your child needs telehealth services, download any apps for that
  • If your child is a patient of Imagine Pediatrics, be sure your app is downloaded! 

  1. Be prepared to stay or go 

Always listen when the authorities say to leave or stay at home. The health and safety of your family is the most important thing. 

  • If you need to leave – Bring your emergency kit and other essentials (medications and equipment, cell phone, identification, money). Before the storm, call your local city or town hall to see if a public shelter will be available
  • If you need to stay home – Keep your emergency kit close, stay inside, and be ready to leave if you are ordered to do so (TIPS: Gas up your car before the storm. If needed, plan ahead with a family member or friend who has a car. Know your local public transportation route out of the area. Or contact a community assistance program to find another travel option)

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