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Telehealth: Improving Access to and Quality of Pediatric Health Care

Telehealth: Improving Access to and Quality of Pediatric Health Care

Alison L. Curfman, MD, MBA, FAAP; Jesse M. Hackell, MD, FAAP; Neil E. Herendeen, MD, MS, FAAP; Joshua J. Alexander, MD, FAAP; James P. Marcin, MD, MPH, FAAP; William B. Moskowitz, MD, FAAP; Chelsea E. F. Bodnar, MD, MPhil, FAAP; Harold K. Simon, MD, MBA, FAAP; S. David McSwain, MD, FAAP; SECTION ON TELEHEALTH CARE, COMMITTEE ON PRACTICE AND AMBULATORY MEDICINE, COMMITTEE ON PEDIATRIC WORKFORCE Published Online:13 Dec 2021 Pediatrics (Dec 2021) 148 (3): e2021053129.


The growth and development of telehealth, or the provision of health services remotely, reflects the evolution of health care delivery systems to adapt to new technology and the needs of the population. The exponential growth in the adoption and use of telehealth services during health care disruptions, such as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, highlights the need to clarify the goals and best practices for using telehealth in child health. This policy statement addresses how telehealth and telehealth policy can increase patient access to primary care and subspecialty pediatric expertise, support care coordinated within the medical home, and enhance communication and collaboration among clinicians and other stakeholders, resulting in cost-efficient, equitable, high-quality care. A forthcoming technical report will provide in-depth discussion of these issues as well as the limitations of telehealth care.

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